Maynard, Rambo Honored For Heroism In Violent Incident

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CIF Officer Maynard and our K9 Chihuahua Mix Rambo were honored yesterday for their heroism in an incident that occurred at the truck stop on the morning of December 19, 2023.

Maynard and Rambo were doing routine patrol in our parking lot when Rambo alerted to the presence of Narcotics in a car by urinating on the right front tire. Officer Maynard began searching the vehicle per protocol when the driver exited the store and confronted him.
The suspect, 54-year-old Roger Peck, and Maynard quickly became engaged in a physical confrontation when Rambo sprung into action and began biting the ankle and lower leg of Peck. This action caused the suspect to retreat, at which time he was tasered by Officer Maynard before being arrested for Aggravated Assault.
We are proud to recognize both Maynard and Rambo for the risks they took that night to ensure our parking lot was safe.
No drugs were found in the vehicle.

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