It Wasn't Me

This statement was provided to Iddo Troyer via telephone from DeWayne Alexander, Head of the CSFU at Celina 52 Truck Stop, on February 22, 2024

I want to directly address the rumors circulating that I am the father of the child born to a female employee at the Celina 52 Truck Stop last weekend. Despite being the only African-American on staff at the truck stop, I am not the father of this child.

While I understand how some may leap to assumptions given I'm the sole black employee, and the baby has strong genes that lend credence to it being of African ancestry, I have barely even met the woman in question. Furthermore, I was completing training missions for the Truck Stop last summer when conception likely took place.

These allegations have begun affecting my personal life and the relationship I have with my girlfriend of 12 years. I appreciate Dennis Herniple, CEO of Celina 52, for his full support during this time. He recognizes I am a good man who is being unfairly targeted on the internet.

To be clear - I voluntarily provided DNA samples as part of the ongoing investigation into this matter. I am not the father of this child. I look forward to the truth coming to light, returning to work, and continuing to provide quality service at the truck stop I have been proudly employed at for over a decade. I have never personally been discriminated against to my knowledge until this incident. Still, I choose to forgive and look forward to what the future holds. But I am confident my name will be cleared soon.



  • The truth will come to light, i believe you.


  • I love this! I am a cashier and you meet so many amazing people at the gas stations ⛽️ some nice, some mean, some drunk, and some who just don’t give a damn.

    I Hate Lot Lizards
  • Ok come on people, lets be real…there is no way this is a serious thing…it’s all a big joke, probably just trying to go viral to promote Celina 52 it its even a real truck stop lol

    B Real
  • These comments 😅 😭


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