Celina's "Superhero" Piss Jugman visits Local Students with Anti-Litter Message

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Piss Jugman Visits Local Students With Anti-Litter Message

CELINA, TN - Local truck stop mascot Piss Jugman, costumed as a human-sized urine jug, brought his recycling-themed presentation "Urine Trouble If You Litter" to Ms. Rachel's third grade class on Friday. The school says students enjoyed the entertaining performance packed with songs and a presentation to showcase the collective impact produced by responsibly discarding roadside plastic waste.

While originally conceived to discourage improper urine jug disposal practices among truck drivers using Celina 52's parking areas, Piss Jugman's waste warrior persona has earned wider celebrity appealing to classrooms and youth groups with his over-the-top skits promoting environmental awareness. The school praised his boundless energy and memorable tunes for young learners.

Parents interested in hosting a showing of "Urine Trouble If You Litter" in their town should call (931) 354-1312 today to add Piss Jugman to their next event.

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