Celina 52 Truck Stop Temporarily Closed for Investigation


CELINA, TN - Dennis Herniple, CEO of Celina 52 Truck Stop, announced today that the location will remain closed for the foreseeable future as an investigation led by Internal Security Chief Rodney Bartow is underway.

"All of our employees have been polygraphed and DNA tested," said Herniple. "We are collecting samples, statements and any witness information to any events that may have occurred here in the last 96 hours."

The investigation was prompted by a social media post that automatically triggered a system shutdown. The post reached over 12 million people since Monday.

"We are looking to uncover the source of the social media post," Herniple stated. "Unfortunately, we will be closed to the general public for the next 7 to 10 days as we ascertain all the facts and details."

Herniple wanted to assure the public that a thorough and comprehensive investigation will be conducted. "We will reopen at a time and place of our choosing and we will offer 99 cent biscuits and gravy all day," he added.

The truck stop expresses regret for the disruption and appreciated the community's patience and understanding during this time. Any updates will be provided as available.


  • While your closed, are you going to have Donny clean up the piss bottles out of the parking lot?

    Billy Smith
  • Glad you f-ers are closed. Anyone who targets those who park there without buying anything is an outright asshole.

  • When will you be reopening?

  • We are still working on finding that out Oli

    Celina Staff
  • Who was really the father?


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